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Welcome to Woodland Project

The #Ents collection by Woodland Project contains 10,000 unique, algorithmically-generated, humanised trees belonging to various species. While it is a digital project, it holds real-world ramifications - for every tree NFT purchase, we aim to plant a real tree in our environment. Our action is an attempt to raise awareness and help prevent illegal logging, which has long been one of the most significant issues in our home country, Romania. To help our purpose, we have established a formal agreement with a forest manager and have taken the responsibility of planting the first batch of trees in a Romanian forest at the end of Q4. The Woodland collection is the perfect match for people who wish to possess a qualitative NFT while helping tackle one of the top issues impacting climate change. Additionally, this will take place on a fast Blockchain with low trading costs, thus reducing the unpleasantly-high gas fees encountered on other Blockchains.

Why Woodland Project?

Real-world impact

We will plant a real tree for every purchased NFT.


With our second project, Deers, we plan to help the Romanian wild life through WWF Romania.

Future airdrops

We plan to offer airdrops to the first 1000 Ents owners, and many other benefits for all the holders. The airdrops contains an NFT from our next collections.


We will provide the community with a roadmap.

Passive income

We will distribute 80% of royalties as rewards to our community. (Once 1EGLD is accumulated)


We are committed to providing transparency in our actions and explaining all our decisions.

Why Elrond?

We have considered multiple blockchains but ultimately decided on Elrond because it is one of the fastest blockchains on the market, with high speed and low operating costs. Every team member is also an investor in the project and we believe in its long-term success. Elrond is a high-throughput public blockchain focused on providing security, efficiency, scalability, and interoperability by adopting two key elements: Adaptive State Sharding and a new Secure Proof of Stake (“SPoS”) consensus mechanism. Elrond is not just a blockchain protocol facilitating high transaction throughput, but it is a complete Defi, Fintech & IoT ecosystem. It provides a scalable and secure platform for building distributed applications called DApp.

State of Romania's forests

Hectares of forest in Romania
Hectares of forest cut annually in Romania
Hectares of forest unprotected by law

Source: Mediafax.ro

Community involvement

One of the causes of climate change is the deforestation and destruction of wilderness. Although deforestation became a national security issue in Romania in 2009, nothing has unfortunately changed since. We see Woodland as an opportunity to get involved in our local community while making use of our passion for the blockchain field. Therefore, each sold NFT will result in a tree planted in a previously deforested area, near the town of Cheia, Prahova.

Project roadmap

Q1 2022
Our socials are live

Launching the Woodland brand and all of the socials: Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and website.

Q1 2022
Ents launch

10000/10000 characters from Ents colection will be available on Trust.Market. The first 1000 NFT Trees bought will be eligible for an NFT from our next collection.

Q2 2022
Passive income generation

Holders of Ents will receive passive income through LKMEX and EGLD prizes. 60% of the royalty will be added to the farm every month. 20% of royalties will be distributed as EGLD to the community.
(Due to changes in the rules on Xexchange, unfortunately we cannot distribute LKMEX.)

Q2 2022
First Ents holders to be rewarded

Each of the first 1000 Ents holders will receive 1 NFT from our next collection.

Q4 2022
First tree planting campaign

The first tree planting action will take place in Alba county, in the Cugir area.  Due to some problems, the location was changed to Cheia, Prahova.

Q1 2023
New collection launch

The new collection will be available on the market.

Q2 2023
Special service for Woodland Project NFTs owners

Owners of both NFT types will be able to access a special service offered by the Woodland project. More details coming soon.

Q2 2023
Launch of Merch Store

We will launch our merch store, where you can buy Woodland Project products. All financial revenues will go to the restoration of wildlife.

Use of funds


Forest planting and Donations



  • 50% – Purchasing and planting trees



We think of the Woodland Trees as only the beginning of a much larger project which we are developing further.




 We plan to promote our brand and cause through social media and newspapers so that it reaches as many people as possible.



Payments to the team during the project. 


Meet Deers project

Meet DEERS from Woodland, the second NFT collection from our project! With this collection, we aim to fight for the forest wildlife through blockchain technology. There are 3000 algorithmically generated DEERS out there. Each one of them is unique and has different characteristics. Be part of our project and collect both of our characters.

The purpose of the collection

We want Deers to be not only a good-looking collectable NFT, but also a token with a real-life impact. We plan to do that by supporting the World Wildlife Fund Romania (WWF), one of the non-governmental organizations that fight to protect the wildlife in Romania. Join our community and support the fight for wildlife in Romania through blockchain technology by collecting NFTs from both our collections (Ents + Deers), which includes our new Deers. The first donation will be made once 10% of the collection is sold (except for the 207 minted NFTs from the airdrop) and the next one will be made after the next 10% sold.

Use of Deers funds


60% of funds will be donated to WWF Romania a Non Governmental Organisations who fight for forests and wildlife.


Will be used for marketing and for the development of the project.


Will be used for payments to the team during the project and for operational costs.

Founding Team and Partners



Works in the blockchain field. Interested in NFTs, Metaverse and new technologies in general. Passionate about outdoor sports, especially cycling, running and enjoying the beauties of nature.



Passionate about blockchain. Lives in a city located at the base of a mountain, knows the importance of a forest and the benefits of it. Loves Romania and thinks it's time to think outside the box and protect the environment.



Early adopter, passionate about mountains and hiking. Enjoys taking photos in the nature and visiting natural attractions. Commutes between USA and Romania but thinks there’s no place like home.



Passionate about blockchain. Concerned about environmental issues and climate change. Interested to keep the forest alive and wild. Got this passion from his grandfather and uncle who are foresters.

Be part of the Blockchain reforestation and take your NFTREE


Is there a presale?

No, all 10,000 NFTs will be priced at 1 EGLD. The first 1000 buyers will receive an NFT from our next collection.

Can we select our Woodland Tree?

No, Woodland trees will be randomly generated at the time of purchase. You can buy your favorite tree once the Woodland Trees hit the secondary market.

What is the cost of an Woodland Tree NFT?

1 EGLD + gas fees

What is the total supply?

There will be a total of 10,000 algorithmically generated trees. After that there will be a new collection (more details coming soon).

When is the Woodland Trees collection launching?

01.02.2022. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates.

What kind of trees will we plant?

The planted trees will be fir trees.

Where are we going to plant the trees?

Prahova County, near Cheia.